– Vegan –

available February 1


Hummus* 8

chickpea, tahini, citrus


Spicy freekeh tahini* 8

freekeh, tahini, aleppo


Romaine* 11 

purple cabbage, dill, meyer lemon vinaigrette 


Village* 11

cucumber, tomatoes, capers, olive, red onion


Baby Beets* 11

roasted, red, golden & candy striped beets, tangerines, candied pistachios, honey aleppo, lemon    


Freekeh Fava 12

roasted freekeh, fava beans, black lentils, sunflower seeds, raisin oregano vinaigrette 


Arugula Salad* 9

watermelon radish, lemon meyer vinaigrette 


Fava* 8

freekeh and caper mint relish with fava puree  


eggplant* 11

roasted, black harissa, pickled onions, sunflower seeds, micro greens


Spicy Mushrooms* 10

roasted, harissa, beet cous cous


Roasted Cauliflower 11

crispy chickpeas, spicy dill vinaigrette


Brussels Sprouts 11

olive bread crumbs


Falafel 9

crispy chickpeas, cilantro, tahini, lemon


Mini Falafel pita 12

falafel, fries, hummus, marinated tomato, onion