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Half Pan Feeds 12-15

Full Pan Feeds 25-30



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Village Salad  (4/guest)
cucumbers, tomatoes, capers, olives, red onions, feta

Romaine Salad  (4/guest)
purple cabbage, feta, dill, meyer lemon vinaigrette

Orzo Pasta Salad  (3/guest)
orzo, tomatoes, feta, onions, balsamic

dip platters

Small Dip Platter / $45 (serves 12-15)
Large Dip Platter / $80 (serves 25-30)

both platters served with fresh pita chips, olives, and include the following dips:

Hummus: chickpea, tahini, citrus

Roasted Eggplant: red pepper, garlic, herbs, yogurt

Crazy Feta: whipped feta, jalapeño

Tzatziki: greek yogurt, cucumber, garlic

Harissa: spicy purée of roasted chili peppers & tomatoes

veggies / sides / small bites

Zucchini Fritters  (1.50/piece)
shredded zucchini, feta, herbs

Grape Leaves / Dolmades  (2/piece)
hand rolled, jasmine rice, herbs

Spanakopita  (2/piece)
spinach, dodonis feta, leeks, phyllo

Cheese Pie  (2/piece)
dodonis feta, goat cheese, phyllo

Brussels Sprouts  (60/half pan  -  120/full pan)
roasted, olive oil

Orzo  (60/half pan  -  120/full pan)
rice-shaped pasta, greek cheeses, cinnamon, tomato sauce

Mushroom Risotto  (75/half pan  -  150/full pan)
arborio rice, saffron, sautéed mushrooms

Green Beans  (60/half pan  -  120/full pan)
roasted garlic, assyrtiko wine, tomatoes, onions

Sparraggia  (60/half pan  -  120/full pan)
asparagus, lemon vinaigrette, aged barrel feta

Vegetable Orzo  (60/half pan  -  120/full pan)
rice-shaped pasta, zucchini, tomatoes, onion, garlic

Street Corn  (2 / piece)
grilled, spicy aioli, feta, micro cilantro 

Crazy Feta Hush Puppies  (2 / piece)
cornmeal, crazy feta, honey butter

minis & sliders

Mini Chicken Pita Sandwiches  (3.50/piece)
baby pitas, grilled chicken, tzatziki, tomatoes, onions

Mini Gyro Pita Sandwiches  (3.50/piece)
baby pitas, gyro meat, tzatziki, tomatoes, onions

Mini Shrimp Pita Sandwiches  (4/piece)
baby pitas, grilled shrimp, tzatziki, tomatoes, onions

Mini Falafel Pita Sandwiches  (3.50/piece)
baby pitas, falafel, tzatziki, tomatoes, onions

Grilled Meatball Sliders  (5/guest)
seasoned ground beef, dill, garlic, greek yogurt, tomatoes, onions

Spicy Lamb Sliders  (5/piece)
ground lamb spiked with harissa, greek yogurt, tomatoes, onions, frisee

Crab Sliders  (6/piece) 
jumbo lump crab cakes, tomatoes, onions, frisee

grilled meats

Chicken Souvlaki  (4.50/piece)
grilled marinated chicken breast, lemon, olive oil, herbs

Grilled Meatballs  (2.50/piece)
seasoned ground beef, dill, lemon, garlic, fresh oregano

Spicy Lamb Meatballs  (3/piece)
house made, harissa, cilantro

Cava Lamb Chops  (7.50/piece)
grilled marinated baby lamb, olive oil, lemon, fresh oregano

braised & baked

Kastoria Style Braised Beef  (75/half plan  -  150/full pan)
tender braised beef, tomato, herbs, cinnamon

Braised Meatballs  (2.50/piece) 
seasoned ground beef, stewed tomatoes, dry sherry

Lollipop Chicken  (3.50/piece)
honey, walnuts, greek yogurt

Greek Spaghetti  (75/half pan  -  150/full pan)
braised & minced beef, tomatoes. kefalograviera, haloumis

Lamb Kapama  (90/half pan  -  180/full pan)
braised lamb shoulder, orzo, cinnamon, tomato, kefalograviera

Chicken Kapama  (90/half pan  -  180/full pan)
braised chicken, orzo, cinnamon, tomato, kefalograviera


Atlantic Salmon  (7/piece)
simply grilled / lemon                          

Crab Cakes  (5/piece)
jumbo lump crab cakes

Shrimp Souvlaki  (6/three-piece skewer)
grilled, garlic, dill, lemon, oregano


Baklava  (3/piece)
chopped walnuts baked with phyllo and honey                      

Cava Chocolate Truffles  (2/piece)
(Rockville only) rich dark chocolate truffles

express menu

Can't decide on what to order? Try an express combination!

#1 - Pitas Please (11.95/person)
choice of our signature sandwiches, served with chips and dip and your choice of one from salads/sides

#2 - Skewered! (10.95/person)
choice of chicken or shrimp (add 3) skewers served with basmati rice and your choice of one from salads/sides

#3 - Slide On Thru (13.95/person)
choice of spicy lamb, meatball or crab cake (add 2) sliders served with chips and dip and your choice from one from salads/sides

a la carte

Signature Sandwiches (with tzatziki, onions & tomatoes)                    
mini chicken pita 3.50  |  mini gyro pita 3.50  |  mini shrimp pita 4
mini falafel sandwich 3.50                   

chicken 4.50  |  shrimp 9

spicy lamb 5  |  meatball 5  |  crab cake 6

Salads & Sides
greek village salad 4  |  rocket salad 3  |  orzo pasta salad 3  |  orzo 3
basmati rice 3  |  risotto 3  |  green beans 3      

Add-Ons & Dessert
spanakopita 2  |  grape Leaves 2  |  zucchini fritters 1.50  |  baklava 3       

hummus  |  tzatziki  |  eggplant & red pepper  |  crazy feta  |  harissa     

coke 1.50  |  diet coke 1.50  |  sprite 1.50  |  bottled water 1.50       


Please Note:

48hrs notice required for catering

$200 minimum order required for delivery (delivery charges apply)

Minimum of 10 guests on any order 

Disposable plates, eating utensils and napkins can be added for $1.50 per guest.  

Menu items and pricing are subject to change