In the summer of 2006, long-time friends Ike Grigoropolous, Ted Xenohristos, and chef Dimitri Moshovitis came up with the idea for Cava Mezze over coffee.

As three children of Greek immigrants, and life-long Rockville residents, they aimed to bring mezze-style dining from their parents’ home to their home.

Despite opening their first Cava Mezze in a once desolate shopping center, the restaurant thrives as a neighborhood hangout.
From hand-building tables, to smashing tiles, each founder and their family poured every ounce of their effort into making their first restaurant a success.

Ten years later, Cava Mezze is continually growing, currently spanning five locations. A fast-casual spin-off, Cava Grill, serves fresh, healthful and savor-worthy meals in twenty five locations in the DC, Los Angeles and New York area. Cava dips and spreads are also sold in Whole Foods and other organic markets in the East Coast, West Coast and Midwest. Cava Mezze also operates two sister restaurants: Sugo Osteria in Park Potomac, MD and Brusco Luncheonette in Baltimore, MD.